Updating table while open cursor

To use any other database back-end, run from the source distribution and install the appropriate driver for the required back end. For example: because it is an instance of a Uniform Resource Identifier.

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A partial list of supported databases is show in the table below.

Please check on the web2py web site and mailing list for more recent adapters.

This is completely automatic and done at the datastore level, not at the web2py level.

It is also possible to set the connection string to .

It means less use of the automatic execution of python files in the model directory.

It does not imply abandoning the concept of models, views and controllers.web2py comes with a Database Abstraction Layer (DAL), an API that maps Python objects into database objects such as queries, tables, and records.The DAL dynamically generates the SQL in real time using the specified dialect for the database back end, so that you do not have to write SQL code or learn different SQL dialects (the term SQL is used generically), and the application will be portable among different types of databases.When the next http request arrives, web2py tries to recycle a connection from the pool and use that for the new transaction.If there are no available connections in the pool, a new connection is established. The pool grows up to the minimum between the value of then connection pooling is not used.Notice that by default web2py uses utf8 character encoding for databases.


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