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Toledo boasts some of the best rustic cooking in Spain, with delicious stews and local meats available on restaurant menus all around the old town.Don’t miss a thing with our insider tips for sights, bites and transportation!

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Please note that some games are at the Pinball-Parlour on a consignment basis.

We will get you in touch with the owner of the machine in such cases.

Tourists and locals love to escape the city to nearby villages, but what is it about Toledo that people like so much?

For starters, UNESCO declared Toledo a World Heritage Site in 1986 for its extensive monumental and cultural heritage.

The Surface Doodler was made by Trenton Manufacturing of Covington, kentucky. The metal wings gave it a to-and-fro plopping action that was a magnet for bass.

Before it was called Surface Doodler, the bait was called the Gurglehead.

It boasts 2,000 years of history, and is filled with small hidden squares, winding side streets and historic buildings and monuments at every turn. The Roman, Moorish, Jewish and Christian influences that are seen throughout the city are sure to impress.

Christians, Arabs and Jews lived there together for many years, earning this town the nickname of the “city of the three cultures.” Love food?

Toledo Bait Company made the Toledo Weedless Bait in the 1920s.

The well-made wooden lure featured a spring-loaded hook recessed in a slotted body that prevented snags, but opened when a fish bites. Tooley was a world champion baitcaster who marketed lures in the early teens.

We have painstakingly archived these pictures, all of which are real pictures of our machines.

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