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Nevertheless, the Inquirer reported on October 13, 1890 that "Association football is growing in favor" and that "the prospects for the Association were never brighter." On January 5, 1891, the Inquirer reported, "The Association game is gaining great popularity in this country and bids fair to rival some of the better known sports." This rising popularity was generally ascribed to "the absence of brutality and roughness from the game, and the science necessary to play well." Locally, this was "greatly due to the way in which THE INQUIRER has advocated the game." Games were played at the Germantown Base Ball Grounds, Frankford Junction, Stenton, and Wayne Junction.

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This article looks at the league's growth through the end of the 19th century.

To read the full series, visit The Philly Soccer Page.

Occasionally, a team would fail to turn up for a match, as was the case when Frankford traveled to Tacony for a game on January 3, 1891 and found no team to play.

Inquirer reports in December, 1890 celebrated the fact that for the first time, all of the teams that started the season remained in the league at the halfway point of the season and described growing crowds: "where the spectators formerly amounted to thirty or forty they may now be counted in by the hundreds" with "nearly 500 spectators" watching a match between North End and Tacony at Stenton on December 20, and "nearly 800″ attending a match between Trenton and Tacony on Christmas Day, 1890, one of six matches played that day.

The next year, Trenton Association fell 3-1 to New York Thistles on October 20, 1888 in the first round of the tournament, while Trenton Rovers drew 0-0 with ONT on the same day before forfeiting the return game.

Trenton Swifts won the 1888-89 New Jersey Junior Football Association championship, a four team league that included the Kearney Clarks ONT Seconds, Kearney Rovers, and Newark Alma Maters.New concerns and a new trophy With the PAFU seemingly back on track, attention could begin to turn from making sure there were enough teams to sustain the league to improving the quality of play.A Philadelphia Inquirer report from December 13, 1890 on a match between Nicetown and Manayunk noted the sorry state of the playing surface, the need for Manayunk to get several last minute substitutes in order to field a full team, as well as the problem of finishing the game before it was too dark to see the ball.For those looking for group sex with Wisconsin swingers, Swing Towns is where you'll find it! So to describe me, if we decided that it was okay to be a wack job, I'd say I like to mountain bike, lay out by the pool, hang out with friends, watch movies, drink coffee, drink wine, talk, go to the park, play frisbee, have picnics, play with my dog, cook, have dinner parties, make love, kiss, smile, laugh... Editor's note: This article is part of a series on the history of soccer in Philadelphia.

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