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Mr Glushkov's death came as Britain's Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, announced 14 Russian deaths on UK soil would be reinvestigated by police and MI5.

Last year, Mr Glushkov appeared on a list published by the Russian Embassy in London of Russians wanted for serious crimes whom the UK had refused to extradite.

It said Russia had sought his extradition in 2015 "for committing a number of severe financial offences on the territory of Russia," but the British Government refused.

An inquest failed to determine whether he had killed himself or died from foul play.

Mr Glushkov had worked for various Berezovsky enterprises, including the car factory Avto VAZ and flagship Russian airline Aeroflot.

The staged "murder" of anti-Kremlin journalist Arkady Babchenko has stunned observers and enraged Russia after Ukraine accused Moscow of plotting his assassination in a stunt which actually has a precedent.

Brazil's army is often called to help when things go wrong, so it was no surprise to see soldiers deploy during a crippling truckers' strike.But police said there was no evidence to suggest a link to the March 4 poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter.Attorney Andrei Borovkov told Russian media outlets his client, Nikolai Glushkov, had died, but said he was unaware of the time and circumstances.Hi, I am Shahzad living and working here in Doha Qatar as Senior IT Technician, basically from Pakistan, looking for a nice girl/lady hope i can find one here my life partner so good luck to me and you :-)..Police are treating the death as unexplained and have put counter-terrorism detectives in charge of the case.Russian media reported Mr Glushkov was granted political asylum in Britain in 2010.

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