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Maybe there is a good reason I had so readily accepted being a singleton.

😉 I’ll admit right now that beside the public nature of, the other factor that turned me off to the service was the heavy reliance on the “in your own words” section.

Someone who is looking for perfection…and who refuses to settle. ), someone who doesn’t look to me to keep him entertained 24/7, someone who has his own life and plenty of stories to keep me entertained when we are sharing; someone who is entertained by my stories; someone I can miss when he is gone; someone who misses me when I am gone; someone who doesn’t lie about his marital state; someone who is most definitely not “all hat and no horse.” Ummm…yeah.

Like anyone from outside of West Texas was going to “get” that.

It seems like this would be an easy enough task to complete, but you might be surprised at how quickly everything can go wrong based on misuse and misunderstanding of these two little features.

If I had a dime for every profile I have read so far where the guy writing said the last book he’d read was Dan Brown’s (which, hello – came out in 2003!I think it’s a given that if you are on an online dating site, then you have made a statement that you are a little bit lonely and are looking outside of your regular dating pool. queue up at my door, they probably wouldn’t be guys that I would want standing on my front porch. The sheet listed what was acceptable and expected for an agreeable meeting (including instant deal-breakers), a short-term relationship, and a long-term relationship.Some of the profiles I would read made it seem as if the writer would even consider other planets. As I read his list and started filling in my own criteria, I realized that actually listing these things made it very easy to begin a rudimentary profile as well as create a process for excluding unsatisfactory profiles I would encounter.A girl who tends to stress about everything and nothing when a deadline is approaching, who gets irritated easily when people are stupid, a girl who doesn’t suffer fools gladly.Someone who is intensely private but has a very public online life. Someone with a good job that he enjoys and takes pride in; someone who is as intelligent as he he is (or even more so; please?!I think it only suitable that we show some bad profiles first, and it seems only proper that I start off with Mike Cane’s classic post, the one that he proudly emailed me almost immediately after posting… I will commiserate deeply as you labor in the Corporate Suitpit … while I stay at home and torment myself at a keyboard. Mind you, you must have the house and the fur rug ready … [You must read it on his site with pictures for full effect, of course.] I’m sure it won’t surprise you that I was the one (via email, and then mentioned in the comments section) who said, “but what’s in it for ME? 😉 Writing a good online dating profile shouldn’t be too difficult – especially for someone who writes every day, and yet it’s the part where I got stumped.

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