Pink sofa dating uk

As users spend more time getting to know each other, we think there's a far greater chance that they will form meaningful bonds.

If you're after a quick hookup or just some fun, maybe the long-term approach of the site is not for you, and you'd be better suited checking out one of the other sites in our reviews.

Liz James adds "tens of thousands of our members have found love and happiness through the pink sofa.

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Once you do find someone you click with, there are plenty of ways to get in touch with them.

Users can make use of a perfectly functional instant messaging service, the obligatory in-site email client, forums and smiles to pass on the message effectively.

Pink Sofa intends to provide a safe online community for lesbians to interact with each other, and as such, the feel of the site reflects this intention, genuinely feeling like an online community.

Updating feeds of forum topics and recent updates from the statuses of women across the world take center stage (not the nude pictures which may be present on other sites), putting the focus firmly on conversation.

Searching is a standard affair, although you can go into quite a bit of detail through an advanced search.

Results numbers ought to be very satisfying as the site has enough members to provide even the pickiest with a selection of matches.

This means that you can easily slink under the radar and look about the site without interruption or, if you choose, you can let users know that you’re willing to chat and that they can contact you.

There are also a few extra privacy options which allow you to decide whether or not you’d like to receive any notifications to your normal email address, or whether you’d simply prefer to log on and see what awaits you.

Pink Sofa offers a 3 day trial period to new users, which is considerably shorter than you’ll find elsewhere, however it does provide greater access to some of its features than you’ll find on other sites, so it gives you a better sense of how useful you’ll find the site overall.

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