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There was also one idea of a horse-drawn monowheel: But who was first?

A propeller-driven monowheel As if the concept of the (motorized) monowheel itself was not dangerous enough, American inventor Clinton T.

Coates got the ‘brilliant’ idea of fitting propeller-drive to one.

A second, slightly better design for motorized monowheel appeared in France made by Erich Edison-Puton in 1910 and powered by a 150 cc single-cylinder De Dion engine of 3.5 hp.

Here the driver sits inside the wheel more like the position on a normal motorcycle.

"Dynosphere" for the geek driver in all of us Another fascinating chapter in monowheel history was written by a chap called Dr.

John Archibald Purves from England, who seriously believed that one huge wheel encompassing five passengers was far more efficient than a car with four (smaller) wheels.Best of 2017/16; Best of 2015/14; Best of 2013; Best of 2012; Best of 2011; Best of 2010; Best of 2009; Best of 2008; Best of 2007; Feel-Good Issues Link Lattes Dangerous Roads of the World, 1-6 Steampunk Series Retro Future! Ekranoplans & Hydrofoils Designs by Luigi Colani Inventions by Guys Cars & Girls! Most of the images (plus a good deal of great info) courtesy of Douglas Self, used by permission. How would you like to spend your hours in traffic caged inside a giant wheel?Extreme Weather Abandoned Places &Urban Exploring Magnificent Fractals Weird Signs Optical Illusions! Strangest Tanks 1, 2 Architectural Horrors Funny Animals Best of Japan! Maybe this is why these vehicles never caught on as serious transportation, but the bizarre concept of the monowheel has captivated engineers for almost a century and a half.It must have worked reasonably well, since a Swiss engineer by the name of Gerdes set of with a Motorouta machine for a rather grand trip from Switzerland to Spain in 1931.We know that he made it to Arles in the south of France, but whether he ever reached Spain is unclear.There is therefore no possibility of gerbilling due to incautious acceleration, but it could still happen during braking. His design, however, features a front-propeller fitted directly onto the engine that can be swivelled for steering.

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