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The stipulation is: once armed, the bus must stay above 50 mph to keep from exploding.

Also if LAPD Officer tries to unload any passengers off, Payne will detonate it.

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Mc Clane been on a train that explodes and goes off the barrels out of an incomplete stretch of track and crashes, the same scene was used from this movie.

Die Hard With A vengeance borrowed out some scenes from this movie including China Town line.

Speed 2: Cruise Control can't hold a candle to this movie. I only own this movie in Blu-ray collection and that is all.

I love the theme score in the beginning of the movie and I love music at end of credits.

Sure, its no Oscar winning type of film, but if your at home looking for a fun film to watch, SPEED is the right movie for you.

Keanu Reeves & Sandra Bullock's chemistry really made this movie work. It is directed by Jan de Bont the same director who directed the god awful sequel. Speed is simply similar to other sequel movie like are Die Hard With A Vengeance (1995) that come out one year later, when Sandra was handcuffed on the train and Keanu was saving her, the same cuffing scene was later used in Die Hard With A Vengeance.

I just love this movie, alongside with The Matrix, Johnny Mnemonic and Point Break is one of my favorite action film of Keanu Reeves.

This movie is one of those films that is worth of watch and money.

Depressed housewife learns her husband was killed in a car accident the day previously, awakens the next morning to find him alive and well at home, and then awakens the next day after to a world in which he is still dead.

When two people "connect" the bond between them can be so pure and simple as to stir hearts in heaven.

It's NOT confusing or hard to understand at all, assuming the viewer has more than two ounces of comprehension skill.


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