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As a young man he was ‘a raving lunatic’ who shot his mouth off and backed it up with his fists, seeing and doing things that gave him an ‘access to menace’ that still serves him well. His dad survived, unlike others who got on the wrong side of the Krays. But doesn’t it bother him that anyone who comes from the East End is cast as hard? When was the last thing we saw that came out of the East End that wasn’t about villainy? I’m not really one for doing ad libs but I thought, “I’m gonna take the p*** a little bit here, push the boat out, see if it works.”’ His old mate, the Trainspotting and Hamish Macbeth star Robert Carlyle, directs and stars as the eponymous Thomson, a barber who accidentally starts killing people in a very gory Scottish black comedy critics are calling Tartan-tino. I’m from a generation that is a bit more Edwardian or Victorian in a way, that says, “When you’re married you make it work.

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Hal is an egocentric braggart - all potential and no accomplishment.

He meets up with Madge Owens, the town beauty queen and girlfriend of Alan Benson.

If I was offered a part like that, then I would take it,’ said Ray Winstone It’s like a scene from one of his many films, establishing Winstone as the top dog, the boss, The Man. ‘I just done a puffy thing, a lung test, and the doctor said, “You don’t smoke. ”’ I started smoking for a film called All Washed Up, with the Sex Pistols and The Clash. ‘Anyway, the doctor said, “When you smoke, keep the smoke in your mouth don’t take it down.” I went, “Why are you telling me this?

But a scene like that always leads to a challenge, and it makes me wonder, is this tough persona for real? I’m still lively,' he said But the most extraordinary thing about the movie is Emma Thompson – almost unrecognisable under body suit, latex and wig, as a hard-drinking, hard-swearing Glaswegian pensioner, the barber’s mother Cemolina. ” I wanted him to tell me I couldn’t smoke no more.

When was the last thing we saw that came out of the East End that wasn’t about villainy? I only done one scene with her, to be fair, but she’s an amazing actress. It is a gluttony thing as much as anything else.’ What does that mean? I ought to have been arrested for impersonating an actor.

Event’s Cole Moreton challenges the movie hardman to justify his reputation at the end of a VERY revealing and dangerously feisty encounter. ‘We’re all waiting for someone to write something clever. ”’ They filmed the movie quickly, over 28 days in various parts of Glasgow. After all, Winstone upset a lot of Scots when he hosted Have I Got News For You and said the country was only good for ‘oil, whisky, tartan and tramps’. I’ve hurt me back at the moment and I can’t do that, so I feel the weight going on, boom, boom.Then there are the ads he does for Bet365, which seem to be on every time there’s a football match. Now every bit of land we have is being bought by foreign investors. W oe betide anyone who behaves like a scallywag around Winstone – they’ll get a slap. I want him to say nah, it’s all an act and give me a nice bear hug.‘Physically, she (Emma Thompson) just completely changes. But I’m still not convinced that this genial geezer with a gob on him is really as hard as he looks. Instead he’s taking it seriously, staring like Regan in The Sweeney, only it doesn’t feel like acting. So it’s a huge relief when he winks, cackles and lets me go unharmed, growling words that are both a blessing and a warning to me and anyone else who ever feels like picking a fight with Ray Winstone: ‘Don’t. Daft.’ So familiar is Winstone as the middle-aged hardman that it’s easy to forget that he was ever young. Scum, Alan Clarke’s 1979 Borstal drama, will remind you, with Winstone chillingly convincing as Carlin, the young thug determined to become the violent ‘daddy’Written and directed by Gary Oldman, this is the film that re-launched Winstone’s film career.Inge seems to frequently get bypassed in discussions of mid-century American drama, despite the fact that he had a string of notable successes in the 1940's and 1950's, not to mention the fact that he won the Pulitzer Prize for what is arguably still his best remembered and most often performed piece, Picnic.William Holden portrays drifter Hal Carter, who has hopped a freight train and arrives in a small Kansas town on Labor Day.O'Neill helped import Chekhovian models onto the American stage, and he forever changed the landscape of that stage as a result.


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