Who is dating whitney houston

"He had a vision for a pop artist – he tried to do it with Dionne [Warwick] and Aretha [Franklin], but they were far too established in their career as to who they were. "To say 'black-sounding,' in case you have a problem with that, is to say that it's too George Clinton, too Funkadelic, too R&B.

We want Joni Mitchell, we want Barbra Streisand ...

Rumors of Whitney Houston’s affair with her assistant and best friend, Robyn Crawford have been floating around for years now.

Director Nick Broomfield wanted to change the conversation around Whitney Houston with his new documentary, Whitney: Can I Be Me.

"We're always looking for a reason to not give people a second chance, and I think she was so harshly judged for her drug addiction," he told Rolling Stone recently.

"There was very little attempt to really understand where this was coming from or what it was about.

I would like a lot of people to feel that there was a whole other way of looking at this." To achieve that goal, Can I Be Me draws on archival footage, unreleased video from a 1999 tour of Germany, and interviews with collaborators, friends and record executives.

Everybody did it, and her brothers gave it to her."2. The company had this vision in mind that they were going to create a pop icon.

Clive Davis marketed Houston aggressively towards white listeners."Clive is a master at pop music," says Kenneth Reynolds, Davis' fellow former Arista executive. An artist that was accepted by the masses, translating to white America.""Anything that was too 'black-sounding' was sent back to the studio," Reynolds continues.

Robyn Crawford and Whitney Houston’s relationship is a major part of the documentary, which highlights her life journey and her death due to a drug overdose in 2012.

To know more about this controversial couple, take a look at our Robyn Crawford wiki, right here.

She had peachy colored skin and she didn’t look like anyone I’d met in East Orange, New Jersey.” Robyn’s words were heart melting and everyone could feel the heartache in them.

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