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- Wow, from looking at this list it could look like nothing has happened for a couple of years - which isn't true!

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:-) I've completed a big change in how the site is put together, no visual changes - but a server architecture change and a change to real load balancing (which required a rewrite of how user sessions and some caching are handled).

A big improvement in performance :-) Updated the help section - and also changed the procedure to 'get in touch' with me.

A year has passed since the site was launched - and I think it has been a good year, I have enjoyed talking to alot of you.

The profile count has reached 4500 profiles and there's a steady growth each day - the future for daddies and sons seem bright ;-)Changed the site layout a bit and changed the focus of the site - bringing profiles more into the main idea of the site.

- There's now a 'light' version of the site for supporting users intended for when they wish to use the site in public (eg. And over the last months more server capacity has also been added.

Unfortunately I've also had to spend a lot of time on measures to try to prevent scammers from using the site and stop fake profiles from certain countries - but also to prevent abuse of the chat room.

I have also done some optimizations of search result pages that make paging even faster.

And I have removed the old Java / IRC based chat room.

I was getting swamped with questions that were covered in the help section and getting more than 200 emails a day made it hard for me to do anything apart from answering emails.

Okay, a few changes has been made - you can now indicate separate anal and oral preferences and it is possible for guys that are partnered to indicate this in their profile as well.

But an additional server has been added to the site to help service all the dads and sons that use the site :-) - a rather fundamental and drastic change in the site setup!

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