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This payment can only be refunded in case of exceptional circumstances for not enrolling the programme: The remaining fees can then be arranged in up to 6 monthly in advance instalments throughout the programme.The Ambient Water Quality Monitoring System (AWQMS) is a web-based data management system for ambient water quality data.On-campus students who are NOT citizen and passport holder of a European Economic Area (EEA) country, Andorra or Monaco, will be required to apply for a long-stay student visa.

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This obligation and extra cost is only collected by DSTI on behalf of and for the French Government.

Once admitted, you will be required to pay 10% of the programme fees for On-Campus students and 20% for Online Education in order to secure your enrolment (wire transfer, debit/credit card).

DSTI provides active help, advice and support throughout its industrial and academic partners network however.

Online education students will be tutored by a DSTI Professor in selecting a data science engineering problem for a given industrial application and write an engineering proposal, covering state-of-the-art literature, to propose a solution.

If you plan to add functionalities to the Eclipse platform, you should download the latest Eclipse release.

Official releases have stable APIs, therefore are a good foundation for adding your plug-ins and features. While you can install the necessary tools in any Eclipse package, it is typically easier to download the Eclipse Standard distribution which contains all necessary tools for plug-in development.

AWQMS includes the following core functionality: • A highly configurable batch import module, supporting a wide range of import formats and file types (including text files an Excel) • Handles continuous/time-series data • Customizable data entry forms with many time-saving features • Enforces all WQX validation rules • Customizable validation of parameter combinations (such as which measurement units are allowed for a particular analyte) • Customizable value range checking (such as the appropriate range of values for p H) • Data management pages for searching, reviewing, and editing data • Batch update tools assist with identifying data inconsistencies and correcting multiple records at a time • Data analysis tools provide reports, graphs, maps, and data exports • Submit data to WQX (manually or configure automated daily submissions) • Beach Monitoring and Reporting (using EPA's Beach Notification/PRAWN) • Trip Planning • Tools to assist with assessments (including Assessment Units, Designated Uses, and Acute/Chronic Thresholds to flag exceedances) • Integrate AWQMS with other systems via web services AWQMS includes comprehensive support for the data types included in EPA's Water Quality Exchange (WQX) as well as other data types: • Physical conditions of a site • Chemical and bacteriological make-up of the water • Chemical analyses of fish tissue • Biological data including: taxon abundance/population census, frequency class counts, group summaries, and individual measurements • Toxicity data • Habitat and Biological Assessments • Continuous/Real-time results from data loggers • Basic support for air and soil data as well Gold Systems has been providing water quality data management systems for nearly 20 years.

Our blend of subject matter expertise and technical skills can help you develop, maintain, or transition a successful water quality system.

All students will be assigned engineering projects attached to courses of programme.

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