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Those who remember the days of Window Server clustering prior to Windows Server 2008 (W2008) will know that acquiring a cluster was an expensive ordeal.

You could not just go out and purchase any old server and storage.

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As for access, IP addresses of the machines are *.101 for main; *.102 for second server; *.99 for access point SQL server instances and *.111 for cluster manager.

I can access 99 from both machines but can't access database at 101 or 102 from either.

On the downside, these kits were more expensive than the sum of their parts.

This all changed with the release of Windows Server 2008.

Windows cluster is still alive (I can remote desktop onto the cluster via shared name), but the SQL is not visible, and cluster manager reports the resource as offline.

This kinda defeats the purpose of the cluster and I need to solve it, but it's not really in my area of expertise, and I have no idea where to start. EDIT (Additional info asked in comments): Windows was installed I added clustering feature for DTC and SQL Server.

This, along with a few other warnings, is expected due to the third node and its volume not being shared with the first two nodes.

The purpose of a failover cluster is to provide high availability (HA).

By default, this is going to be set to a maximum of is the number of nodes) over a period of 6 hours.


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