Validating a foreign adoption in colorado

It is not verified if this is by county or for the entire state.

Send in the documentation used for the Validation along with the Validation update and state certification of foreign birth. If you need to get a passport use the corrected Certificate of Citizenship as proof. If you have done a name change then the old passport will do you no good anyway and you will have to use the Certificate of Citizenship. This process takes about 3 months in El Paso County. You have to do this if you change dob because of the green card issue mentioned.

a mom on one of my groups had this experience (this is a segment of her note): 3) Obtained CO Birth Certificate (not evidence of citizenship) 4) Found out through dental examination and developmental assessments at International adoption clinic that our daughter was two years older then reported 5) Compiled documentation of evidence to change age and submitted to juvenile court via a general request to the court to petition for a order to CO Vital Records to change birth date (no charge for this, you do not need to re-finalize adoption a second time to change the BC) 6) Order approved by court so we sent a request for new BC and fees for new BC to CO Vital Records 7) Received new CO BC in which they literaly crossed off her old birth date and typed in the new one 8) Sent ALL documents of for US passport with a note emphazing that the birth date had been changed 9) Received passport with correct (new) DOB at which time I went in person to the SS office and they corrected the birth date and changed number to a US citizen number 10) When you file for the COC you need to provide reason for why you changed the birthdate of your child. You can start right away and do it concurrently with the ATIN. Send in all the same info on why you changed the dob that you sent with the validation.

I am in the process of the SS# so, I will update this post when I know how they respond.

:) If you have changed the date of birth for your child and you have already received the Certificate of Citizenship or any other legal document it may be complicated to change.

A Wayfarer is a person who is traveling, a particular place, a circumstance, a stage of life, etc. I started this blog when we were adopting and found there was next to nothing on the web in any orderly manner.

---------------------------------Much of this information is useful for any adoption, but this blog is designed to be a I hope this blog will be helpful to you in your adoption whether you are considering, waiting or home.

So, if you are adopting an older child or toddler maybe wait on the validation at least 6 months, that, of course adds time to the whole thing.

But, if you do it in this order you won't have issues with the dob change and it will flow more smoothly.

I set about to collect information for myself and then for others.

Now, there are more sites for resources, but still not much that brings it all together.

I hope this blog will serve as a sort of clearing house for Ethiopian Adoption Information.


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