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Can you imagine someone who calls everyone "dude," never learning peoples' real names? If you did know know what borshch is, how can you ask for it?Wouldn't life be so much simpler if we just all call everyone "dude"? Is borshch really cabbage soup, beet soup, tomato soup, potato soup, carrot soup, or something else? If you know that borshch is a combination of all these, because you learned that word long ago, you would never think of calling borshch anything else.

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The key word you will see below is the word initiate. To love my wife like Christ is obviously no small task.

The godly spiritual leader takes the initiative in all the areas discussed below. Whether its leading myself, my wife or my children and home, leadership can be extremely challenging. (Make sure you check your junk mail/spam if you don't find anything in your inbox.

I have been researching the history of Spiritual Christians (folk protestants*), a religio-social movement from Russia, my heritage, since entering college in 1966.

Since then, I found many inconsistencies, errors, myths and misunderstandings published, and in oral histories.

* The term "Spiritual Christianity" (Russian: dukhovnoe khristianstvo) specifically refers to "folk Protestantism in Russia," a subset of the 100 types (named) of sectarians (Russian: sektanty).

"Spiritual Christianity" was used by Molokane and other heretics to describe themselves, and was popularized in scientific literature by Moscow Professor Alexander Ilyich Klibanov (1910-1994), a historian, religious scholar, and pioneering researcher of religious and social movements in Russia.Avoid confusing English labels, except to define the original labels in the Russian language.Avoid misinformation and disinformation published after 1900.Doukhobors in Canada have a similar problem.(28) Can you imagine working with someone who has very little vocabulary and refuses to learn any new words?For many people, education is such an uncomfortable burden that they avoid learning.It is for most guys I know and it certainly is for this husband. what a privilege you and I have in leading our wife to become more and more like Christ. If you don’t know where to start or if you’re overwhelmed, I get it.

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