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James Denton and Shawnee Smith play the parents of talented young singer Grace Trey (AJ Michalka), whose pursuit of pop-music stardom causes friction in the family in GRACE UNPLUGGED, coming to theaters Oct. You might be surprised by many things with the upcoming faith-based film, “Grace Unplugged.” Two of them are starring in it.

James Denton, star of TV’s “Desperate Housewives” and Shawnee Smith from “Saw” and Charlie Sheen’s TV comedy, “Anger Management,” play the married parents of Grace (AJ Michalka) in the new film. “I don’t know why they came to me, but my manager got the call and discouraged me from taking the meeting for all kinds of reasons.

In his new show, he seems to be going through the motions.

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The actress is receiving some great praise in her first real mature role.

Instead of just a sideline character, Smith aspired more for the role, making Michelle a stand out rather than just a bland, one dimensional character.

Real world psychologists have speculated that most American television programming is targeted at 13-year-olds.

But I don’t know of a self-respecting teen who would admit to watching Anger Management - it’s that uncool. Charlie is a former pro baseball player who tried to break a bat over his knee after a game once and decides to become a therapist.

I said, ‘You know, my mom spent her life working for the church and I grew up in the church and my dad was a deacon his entire life and I think that they would want me to do it,’” said Denton at a recent press round table event.

“I’m fascinated with the idea of doing a Christian movie if it’s a good one.” After talking about faith and entertainment for three or so hours, Denton was sold.

But she has too many hats to wear to provide the high definition that good comedy requires - especially situation comedy.

Another missed golden opportunity is the bartender at Charlie’s local, played by a been-around-the-block-looking Brett Butler.

Not surprisingly, Denton’s manager was not thrilled with the actor’s choice to star in the movie.


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