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Aside from possibly having your video chat sex on public display, there’s a more personal reason to be thoughtful about your online sex.

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I get away with a lot, so when a girl busts my chops, I find her very attractive.

toolong_cannotread replied: A girl who's confident and skeptical enough to know I'm just seeing what I can get away with saying...

it makes me feel a little bit beaten in the best way possible. I've met so many guys who love it when girls call them out on the stupid stuff they're saying or doing.

That's because it shows confidence, which guys love. Source: Shutter Stock Lane95 said: Girls that have a laugh.

Source: Shutter Stock Keeper Kid7 said: That little moan that comes out when girls yawn. I don't even care what you look like, if you have a hot accent, chances are I will want to have sex with you.

Well, I think I know what guys are really thinking when they hear that little moan... Source: Shutter Stock Snark Master Flash said: Speaking certain foreign languages. Just having her treat me as sort of a big teddy bear to snuggle up with when she's not feeling good makes me feel so needed and loved and I love it so much. Someone letting themselves free and enjoying something, even if only for a few minutes, is a beautiful thing. Source: Shutter Stock False Axiom said: Being passionately intelligent is apparently a huge turn-on Just found that out yesterday. It's just one of those things that you have seen a million times, but you never stop to think about it. Source: Shutter Stock Black Rah said: When they have beautiful handwriting.Source: Shutter Stock Unfortuantely_bored said: When my girlfriend fixes computers, I have no clue why but I just can't handle it. A girl was talking about her interest in her field of study and went pretty deep into it, all of the sudden, 'wait? American Psychonaut replied: I feel like a caveman with my scrawls next to these calligraphy goddesses.I swear, she could be just giving me a shopping list, but if it's in Russian... Valentine’s Day is upon us once more, and lovey-dovey couples all around the world will once again be exchanging gifts, chocolates and flowers.I do and it wasn’t pretty, pasty white chest and all.


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