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There is a prevailing attitude in Internet communities that there are no actual women on the Internet.This causes a type of paranoid hypervigilance in the male population of Internet communities, in which demands are placed on people self-identifying as women that they prove it, and if they are unable or unwilling to do so, they are then harassed or reported. Because a message thread happens between two users, you as just one of the users involved can't banish the thread from existence entirely all by yourself.The results will show all users who currently aren't banned or inactive, but they are sorted by their distance from you.

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We will do all that we can to keep them away, but they can be very resourceful and persistent.

You will have to take measures to protect your own safety. When giving contact information for the purposes of sexting with strangers, it may be best to create alternative email, kik, Skype, Instagram, etc accounts that are not linked to your real identity.

Due to the potential for abuse (people who should not have access attempting to get access), we will not narrow down for you which of these is happening.

Searching under "local" will always center on your location as determined by any GPS or IP geolocation data we have for you.

We can't do anything about either of these factors, as they are entirely out of our hands.

There is no need to send support emails about failed photo uploads.We recommend that you pursue resolution with your bank, credit union, or other financial institution's fraud services.When considering fake users, keep in mind that we cannot always issue bans based only on your word.If you are tired of hearing from that user, just block them!Your image upload may have failed for any number of reasons, but it is most likely due to your Internet connection speed or the speed of any devices on the route between your device and our servers.If a given provider refuses to show you emails from us, there is nothing we can do about it.


  1. 4) There aren't enough tables for everyone, so sharing with strangers is normal.

  2. Every other character is more likable, it somehow hurts to watch and ruins the whole movie.

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