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Remove the setscrew from the holes in the side (shown in your pic) and unscrew both halves of the nut CCW as you withdraw the screw.

And after you get the vise all prettied up with your favorite paint, use the tip in a recent version of Machinist's Workshop to highlight the raised lettering with a contrasting color of paint: Buy a bag of women's "Cosmetic Wedges" and use the blunt end of one of these dense sponge wedges to pick up a little bit of paint and touch it to the raised lettering. Still, a Saturday afternoon getting a vice like that fixed up, and even Lite beer probably tastes pretty good.

I hope the picture shows up, it wouldn't show when I hit "Preview Post" <img src=" < BR> Hi Mits! This is my first post on this forum and your vise is the reason I registered.

I guess I should stand it up and let some PB blaster soak into it for a few days. Is there a easier way to clean it without taking it out?

Thanks, Chip The collar holding the screw in is a cast iron split nut, that's threaded into the jaw.

Beautiful deeded waterfront access to the Gatineau river steps from the front door.

Featuring numerous upgrades, amenities including heated floors throughout and... BES Parent Council is excited to be organizing our 9th Annual Community Garage Sale! He is brownish grey with white chin, cheeks, chest and belly. Recently completed new luxurious home nestled among mature pine trees.

The sale is on Saturday, May 12th from 7am until 12noon. It is a family friendly event, with over 40 vendors. He was last seen on the evening of April 24th on Ash Valley Avenue in Barrhaven. Carefully constructed to suit its unique location and views.

Featuring numerous upgrades, amenities including heated floors throughout and...oh, yeah, I got it for 20 bucks, probably because they thought it was broken JST, that picture threw me off at first too!!!I've never seen such a devise, but thanks, now I want one of those too!The article showed a plastic lid being used as a "paint palette". I just bought a new Yost, but I don't think that it is as beefy as the products of yore, including what you picture here. Jim PS Your beer reminded me of my friend Alan's quote on the male view on sex: Good sex is sublime, bad sex is still pretty good. Mits, your Reed vise could have been built between the early 1940's, and the mid to late 1960's.Do they use different materials or processes today (e.g. I'm not European, but I favor beers with more flavor. They used that design for quite a few years, which was the 'high water mark' of quality, and built thousands of those vises, which, along with some of the Athol make, were the best vises ever built.It's going on a stand made from an old truck wheel and a 4" square steel tube, and it will be a general purpose unit. For a few months there a couple years ago, I could have gotten about one big old vise a week free. GWE When I was a kid in western NY state the family that owned Reed owned some property next door to us- not sure if the same family still owns the company or not. I have since made a pin for it to hold in straight position.


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