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" of course the progression depends entirely on your next few words..... she might just be needing a "male" opinion before she goes off on a hot date If shes serious she would want to buy something and then surprise you "Do you like my new dress? " The kind of stuff you mentioned usually happens when you are already in a relationship... IMHO from begining of times up until today the women who have true interest in you will make you feel that way or give you any tangible sign so that you know.

Other than that these are just hidden ulterior motives. Probably not the answer the person asking the question was expecting but oh well, that's life.

Or serious as in you've met her a few times, had a few drinks and talked about whatever it is you two have in common?

For the first one, I guess she might start talking about babies, marriage, a house for the two of you and a labrador to go with it And for the second one, she might actually snog you more than once a day, bring you over to her place and ask you to meet her friends.

I am assuming the OP may be swapping more than just the occasional polite pleasantries with her swiss gentleman caller... Heck, I'm on "du" with heaps of guys doesn't mean I'm serious about anything nor have any interest in them.. for things, strategy, scheam, search engine or wait for some assumed cues, it might leave you missing on life (and love). I don't neccessarily see comunicating about things in a respectful way to be "confrontational" or unift for this culture. The best is to be independent, living your own life and communicating to eachother if and how important the two of you are to eachother.

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But what do I know, men and women alike are such a unforeseeable bunch.

Never really know what goes on inside the head of one.

I am the founder of the leading dating and matchmaking company in Switzerland and in the past 12 years I have worked with thousands of singles, local Swiss, as well as international professionals in Switzerland.

I admit that the singles I work with are interested in dating with the goal of finding the right person to build a happy relationship with (often with the goal of marriage and a family).

If you live in Switzerland, whether you are Swiss or non Swiss, there are many ways to date.

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