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To say that I woke up one day and I was ready and the day before I wasn't really isn't the case.

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to like Speedman's Baz, the charismatic adopted son of Janine "Smurf" Cody, matriarch and organizer of the robberies that support her family's lavish lifestyle.

Neglected by his own parents, Baz took over as big brother after Smurf's eldest son went to jail and is now raising his own family with girlfriend Catherine.

For me, that's kind of what was interesting about it.

As I said, I was really ready to take on that leadership role as an actor, so that was easy for me to jump into.

I knew we were going to be able to push it in a more complicated area, and I was really ready to take that on.

Like any TV show, you're taking a leap of faith and hoping the writer is going to write towards that—and [the writers] did—so that was exciting for me.But for me this is more within my wheelhouse than anything. HB: I read an interview you gave recently about the show where you said you would not have been able to take the role two or three years ago. SS: I think you have to know where you are personally in your life.Ready to take on and jump into those things, those themes that I was just talking about, where you feel like your personal life and your talent line up.Those are the characters where I feel like I have really made a lot of strides and I feel more comfortable doing what I do.I think that plays towards my talent more than anything because I feel more at ease when I am playing a guy that has all sides to him rather than just one.HB: The thing with your character is he's not a blood relative of the family but he's taking on a leadership role.

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