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Whether or not my ideas mesh with the “true” intent behind this phrase, I still want you to pay attention to what your body and healing soul need.

So by all means, put yourself out there, but make sure the “you” in that sentence realizes what it’s exposing. You’ll want to make sure that ass is toned for the adventure.

Don’t let someone believe you’re open to a relationship if you have a strong feeling that you won’t follow through with the natural dating process.

It’s only enabling your flakiness, which is no bueno. It figured out Froyo was better than ice cream; it can determine when your libido is ready for a new hairy chest.

Some of the best dates I have been on I wanted to cancel beforehand (including one that turned into a serious relationship), but I .

THAT’S what I believe properly supports the “putting yourself out there” notion.

So how do you know a) if you’re ready and b) if you’re even doing it right?

If I go out and make myself physically available for single men (or Matt Damon), that doesn’t always mean I am ready to face my emotions.

Be glimpse and brave when you put yourself out there.


  1. But they've now been accused of something really, truly disgusting - complaining about adding non-white members to the cast.

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