Popularity of online dating services

All people want to escape from loneliness, emotional or physical, as it creates void and makes us unhappy.Loneliness has a harmful effect on our health because it lessens the quality of sleep as well as maintains high stress levels.Browsing through modern dating sites is one of the most popular leisure activities among singles who are looking for new acquaintances or a romantic partner.

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It can also lead to weight loss and cause changes in cardiovascular, hormonal or immune systems.

Mental health is affected by emotional isolation as risk of depression and suicide is increasing.

It is vital to create a lifelong relationship that will be filled with friendship, joy, love.

At one time, the word “desperate” was almost always used in close proximity to the words “online dating.” Those days are long gone, as study after study is stating that online dating is now among the most popular ways for couples to meet.

The study, which will be published in an upcoming issue of , looked at more than 400 psychological studies surrounding the topic of online dating.

In one study, researchers note that in just a month, nearly 25 million users around the world were participating in online dating.

Online dating has been around since the beginning of internet era and after all these years remains one of the best solutions for lonely people finding a potential mate.

It is well known that 1 in 5 relationships start online, with each year this number is growing.

Large databases of singles empower anyone finding someone special and compatible with similar life expectations and values for creating meaningful bonds.

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