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You can't see the entire landing or current URL pages, and you can't click on them to see where your customer is either.

We're really trying to move away from desktop operating systems, and Comm100 i OS support is really holding that up. If Apple would support Flash our lives would be complete, so while C100 is bad, Apple's insistence on warring with Adobe continues to impact their customers negatively. It does a pretty good job of allowing me to monitor our website when I am on the road.

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Find out how to handle chats, tickets and gain valuable insights from Live Chat reports.

Meet Jacob, who will guide you through each feature of our application and show you the best practises conducted by our customers.

Understanding that others have a right to see things differently can make all the difference in helping people feel respected, listened to and understood.

In the example we gave before, if you’re worried about presenting but you choose to “face the fear and do it anyway”, you might concentrate on taking opportunities to practice your presentation ahead of time, even if you don’t like the thought of it initially.

Kaye Chapman is the Customer Experience & Training Consultant at Live Chat 100 and Comm100.

She has a wealth of experience working alongside contact centers, improving processes and delivering engaging, effective and fun learning and development solutions.

Also, if you switch to another app, like Skype, while logged into Comm100 the chat does not continue to run.

The app stays open, but it is in suspended animation unless you're actually in it.

Whether your team is service or sales, whether they work with customers face to face, over the phone or through live chat, these activities will work for teams of any type to help you promote key customer service and teamwork messages.


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