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Here’s why Ugandan Women are far better than Kenyan Women. Kenyan Women Are Ugly A wise man once said, that there’s no ugly woman, only lazy ones.

Yet when you look at all the effort that Kenyan women put in trying to be beautiful, it’s amazing that they are still ugly.

With all the buckets of make-up they apply on their faces, we are shocked that that the most beautiful Kenyan woman doesn’t come close to an average Ugandan woman.

Show me a Vera Sidika or a Huddah Munroe, and I will show you thousands of Ugandan girls who are far more beautiful, and devoid of plastic or fake body parts. Kenyan Women Have Taken Obesity To Another Scale Unlike in Uganda where our while in Nairobi and you will be gasping for fresh air because of the space that’s always taken up by its obese women.

By Our Reporter For a long time, I held Kenyan Women in high esteem. Because back in the days, Kenya was the country that seemed like the Heaven of East Africa.

It’s not until I begun to travel to Kenya and stayed over for longer periods that it suddenly hit me how Kenyan women were wildebeests in disguise.

Apparently, putting a ring on a Kenyan woman is a massive waste of time, there’s no return on investment.

Around 35,000 runners are thought to have taken part in this weekend’s Edinburgh Marathon Festival.

Not just those, most Kenyan women are moving chimneys.

The only way to sustain a Kenyan woman at home is to stock all kinds of cigarettes, shisha and narcotics. Kenyan Women are Violent, Spoilt by Feminism When CNN referred to Kenya as a hotbed of terror, it intended to refer to Kenyan Women; it’s a mistake they realized later.

The Kenyan Government should levy a special tax on all Kenyan Women; this money should be used to give every Kenyan player a monthly salary for the hard work in having sex with Kenyan women.

Having sex with a Kenyan woman is not a fun activity; it shouldn’t even be called romance or making love.

In Uganda, when girls grow fat, it’s always aimed at enhancing their booties, boobs and hips. The fingers are big, the cheeks are big, the lips are wide and big, in summary-the average Kenyan woman looks like a swelling wildebeest.

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