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They’re interactive, have a great grasp of English and when it comes to getting naked and putting on a great live sex show, they do that without issue.What you get here is an established webcam platform that has been around for years, so if it’s safety you’re after, Live Jasmin is the place to go.

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Jasmin uses a complicated sliding payout scale, so you start out at 30% on your first $100. Some models might disagree with me, but I honestly can’t recommend Live Jasmin to anyone. Their policies are complicated and are not model-friendly.

They do offer a Fanclub option, but the i Friends review Fanclub system is better in every possible way – especially with payouts of 50% to 100% (instead of LJ’s pitiful 25%). at first glance, Live Jasmin looks like a promising option for aspiring webcam models.

They visit 6 Times more pages and models than LJ users.

And the bounce rates between the sites are not even close. But let’s put the stats aside for a moment, and look at the cam models working on Live Jasmin.

At first glance, you might think that Live Jasmin is the perfect place to start your new career as a webcam model.

The site is modern, beautiful, and packed with unique features that make it pleasure to use.

The lower the number on the left-hand side means the higher the site is ranked in global traffic. Seriously, every porn tube in the world seems to have a Live Jasmin popup, and since the tubes deliver MILLIONS of pops a day, those popups definitely contribute to LJ’s Alexa rankings.

And it’s not fair or accurate to count popup traffic the same way we count regular site traffic.

It’s really too bad because they do have a large volume of traffic, and their site has a beautiful/modern feel. I cannot recommend Live Jasmin for new webcam models at all.

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