Is kim kardashian still dating reggie bush

', 'pinterest Share', 'width=750,height=350'); return false;" title="Pin This Post" It looks like Reggie Bush may have cosigned Ray J’s take on Kim Kardashian’s vagina having a putrid odor.

Hip Hollywood came across this image on Bush’s account posted 189 weeks ago, reading: “I know you’re the one because the smell of your vagina doesn’t make me gag.” In the caption, the NFL running back writes: “#LMAO #Because You Know Its True.” Reggie and Kim dated for several years before calling it quits and marrying other people.

The man was married to Kim for 72 days in 2001 and quickly became the topic of many, many jokes.

A basketball player, Humphries played for the Atlanta Hawks until signing with the Philadelphia 76s this year.

Amber Rose, who dated Kanye while Reggie was still with Kim, claimed publicly that Ye cheated on her with Kim.

After calling it quits, Rose and Bush had a quick fling to spite their exes, but it didn’t manifest into anything beyond that.

The Kim Kardashian-Kanye West rumor mill is endless. Kris Humphries’ ex Myla Sinanaj has claimed that she caught Kim sneaking Kanye into her hotel room back when she was still dating Reggie Bush!!

While Myla took to her Twitter to prove that Kim’s lawyer Laura Wasser sent her a check as payment for her participation in Kim and Kris’ divorce proceedings, she quickly revealed the potential cheating scandal!

Disick struggled with addiction on and off during and after the two were together.

He also lost both of his parents within a few months.

He played for the Minnesota Timberwolves while keeping up with Khloe.

He blames her for his career not taking off, saying if he wasn't dating Khloe he could have been a “ (million to) million player.

But they waived him after he played just three preseason games.

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