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He entered The book of Guiness World Records as the owner of the most consecutive daily video blogs, which means he hasn’t missed a day since he started.

He has another self-titled channel but this, and he mostly uploads ‘Me vs You’ videos there.

It is of competetive nature and involves games and challenges.

He hosts CTFx C ( Internet Killed Television) web series.

The series included a role from his now ex-wife Alli Speed in the period from 2009-2014 and today they include his fresh wife Alli.

He was nominated in the category of web stars chosen by teenagers.

He was a host at “Internet Killed Television” web series, and in the period from 2009 to 2014 the series also included his wife Alli Speed (ex-wife now) and today it includes his new wife who is, interestingly enough, also named Alli.

In 2006, he started posting daily vlogs which was his way of documenting his life. So he launched a web series called “Internet Killed Television”.

Trippy was nominated for a Teen Choice award in 2010.

He finished college and has a diploma in communications.

Although he was good in his field he never really wanted a normal day job. He had no plans to make a career of it but he decided to make vloggs for one year, without missing a day.

His father was a musician in “The Gregg Allman Band” so the family travelled a lot.

Charles were on the road most if his childhood and was surrounded by music and musicians all the time.

The “History” singer and actress will be the guest judge on tomorrow’s season finale, where Izzy, Chelsea, Chris, and Hawwaa will compete for the top spot.


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