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Between flicks I could feel the vibration of my brothers moans coming through, my own throaty moans sounding off opposite of his.After just a few minutes my cock was harder than it had ever been and Thad’s head came up out of my lap. ” The dark haired girl reached her hand down the pants she had undone at some point.

When she pulled her hand out of my lips, I finally found my voice. I was already involved with my own siblings so I felt safe letting them know.

“Well, I sucked off Danny and then he and I took turns eating his sister cunt.” A smile of fond remembrance formed and the twins echoed almost the exact same snicker. “I ought to bean Danny for not telling us that he and Lyn had fucked little Chris here.”Still laughing a silent chuckle Brit said, “I think they did in a way.

She likewise dove at the cock before her, only she did it with a noticeable hunger, gobbling up the pre-cum that had started to form and then slurping it up in to her mouth to the hilt.

I felt Thad slowly let his mouth glide down the ever stiffening shaft of my cock, his tongue coursing over the soft skin.

“You won’t be disappointed, I promise you that.” Motioning to Brittany with his head he continued, “And if you’re lucky the Master of sucking cock might give you a go and show my skills up.”With that, he leaned forward into my lap, opened his mouth, and gently put the head of my now slightly swollen cock between his lips.

Just before I closed his eyes to enjoy what already felt blissfully amazing, I saw Thad’s hips shift so that his cock faced our sister.

Earlier that day a friend of mine had come through in a big way.

He had lent me what promised to be one of the hottest porn movies that had ever been made.

Eager to see what all the hubbub was about, I wasted no time turning on the set and popping in the DVD. ” Brittany said with a smirk on her fact, “I’ve been here for about an hour waiting for you to get out of school.

As soon as the action started on the screen I reached down my pants for my cock. Thad and I didn’t have a last period and I’d forgotten you did this year.” Her eyes trailed down my body where I was still slumped over her.

“And I have to say, you’ve got about as impressive a cock as I do, little brother.”The snicker that Brit let out was sharp and high pitched, “I’d say!

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