Hetalia dating sim game

Seychelles introduces herself to the other students of the Africa class.

She at first seems to think she can fit in well, as all the others seem to be fun.

Seychelles decides to ask China about the classes, unsure of where she belongs in the school.

As she mentions that she became England's territory, China expresses sympathy and states that England is extremely brutal and bullied him as well (by destroying his house and making him take strange medicines).

The teacher asks if she's alright (as "smoke" is emitting from her head), but Seychelles insists that she's fine.

Five more students introduce themselves, the last one being Ethiopia (unseen), who nervously states that he's an Italian territory.

England lists the first three rules of the school off to her: Seychelles notices that the second and third rules are contradictory, but an irritable England explains that everything ends in rule 3, no matter how friendly they may look.

Seychelles becomes upset by this notion, while England orders that as his territory, she must do everything he says and work under him, as he is the president of the student council.

He lets her go, and she wanders the halls, noting how huge the place is and musing over her depression at being there.

She spots China, as the caption "Guy With A Panda" appears (due to him carrying a panda around in his backpack, an animal which she finds to be very interesting).

Gakuen Hetalia (学園ヘタリア, literally Hetalia Academy or alternatively Hetalia School) was an unfinished dating sim project by Hidekaz Himaruya, first released as a demo on January 11, 2007 and based on his Hetalia: Axis Powers series.


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