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Data Bind method to bind the Grid View to the data source.I do this in the Page Pre Render event for a bunch of reasons...example if you bind in the Page Load event every page request you will have problems with getting the values that the user entered while editing (because these values will be over written with the data that you've bound to).If I want to access the method in which we define update query, how can I access that method on aspx page & update the data in a grid view without direct use of an query on aspx page under sql data source?

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If you do a Data Bind in your Page Load event every page request (without checking if is Postback is False) then you will be overwritting anything that the user provided.

BUT this information that I'm telling you does not matter to you because you don't care about anything the user has entered into the Grid View for editing.

@Frinavale Now I get the answer your mean is that when we bind the data at page load event.

the view state is already loaded with previous value & that value again saved in a view state so the same data is displayed again & again whether you edit the data in a grid view or not. other thing i want to know what about the load postback event that is also fire between pageprerender & page load .

I'm not sure what you're stuck on so if you provide more information I can give you more help on the topic.

-Frinny @Frinavale sorry frinny for my titile i use......

In your Grid Views On Row Updating event you will call your data access layer's methods to do the updating.... -Frinny @Frinavale You said that we have to bind object with grid view at page.prerender . What happens is that the View State for the Grid View is loaded just before the Page Load event.

I think if we do the same thing on page load event it work because value is set when row updating event is fired. This means that all of the data that the user provided for the row that they are updating is loaded into the ASP.

(Well it should matter to you because this is a very important behaviour that you need to understand) All you want to do is determine which row the user was editing (which is easily done in the On Row Editing event)..retrieve any information that you need in order to display the information in more detail in some other "page" or "control". This is why you are able to do a Data Bind in your Page Load without losing data entered by the user. I don't know what you're talking about with regards to your "display" method.


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