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Last night, when asked about her future, Meghan did not mention Harry, but said: "My cup runneth over and I'm the luckiest girl in the world." Ex-actress Samantha has barely spoken to her sister since she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2008. I think her ambition is to become a princess.” AFTER her cryptic Instagram post yesterday showing two snuggling bananas, Prince Harry’s rumoured new girlfriend Meghan Markle has shared another image that hints at a Royal romance.The American actress, 35, today teased fans with a picture of that most British of pastimes – afternoon tea, perhaps practising for her first visit to the Palace.Samantha Markle, 51, described actress sister Meghan, 35, as a shallow social climber who loved watching him and brother William on TV — but preferred Harry as she has a “soft spot for gingers”.

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According to Maxine Frith of The Independent, historically speaking, blonde hair has always been viewed as a “symbol of youth that was attractive to men.”As women have taken on a larger role in society – since, say, the 1950s when Monroe’s blonde hair reigned supreme – the male scope of beauty has taken on different forms.

According to research done by the City University of London, and the reported data of 1,500 males included in the study, 81 percent of men described the brunette as “intelligent,” while 67 percent purported she appeared “self-sufficient,” when asked to give their impressions of her personality."They are looking for more intense, equal partnerships and appearance has a large role to play,” noted Peter Ayton, the man who led the study.

I mean, this is why we have billboards, and models, and fashion magazines.

When most people think of beauty – or a face to apply to the word, at any rate – I’ll bet they think of Marilyn Monroe, before anyone else.

The image showed a cup of tea and the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle with the caption #teatime.

And in a subtle nod to one of Harry’s great loves, the teapot in her picture is in the shape of an elephant.According to their research, which consisted of two different studies, men’s preference regarding blonde or brunette women is a more complex matter than you might have thought.The first study employed a female test subject who sat in nightclubs over the course of a few weeks.It’s not like there’s some systematic outline for what's beautiful and what isn’t.With that said, throughout the history of mankind, it’s hard to say society hasn’t developed an impression of what beauty should look like.Thus, they were more approachable in public situations, “possibly because it induced greater feelings of dominance or confidence in [the men], which in turn reduced their inhibition,” as told by Dr.


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