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After checking all the reseller sites trying to find a deal I moved on to one of my favorite resources, the forums at

For example, for cable tv service with comcast (who we ended up going with), most of the resellers were charging $54.95 for the package we ended up getting for much less.

So you may be getting rebates and bonuses, but you're paying for it through higher monthly subscription prices.

I told the agent that I was trying to get a deal that I knew several other people on the forums had gotten.

I wanted to get the digital starter package for $29.99 with 1/2 price HD DVR, for 1 year without price increase.

One offered me a $100 Amazon gift card if I signed up.

The only problem with a lot of these sites or stores is that most of them are selling you cable service at a higher price than you should be paying.

I didn't want to worry about the price going up after only 6 months.

The chat agent quickly agreed to the deal, which made me realize that maybe I could get a little more out of him. Do you have your own suggestions or tips for getting a good deal on cable TV? Have an experience signing up for service that you'd care to share? The content of is for general information purposes only and does not constitute professional advice.

After checking the website for special deals or discounts – the best deal that I could find on service was for 6 months of their digital starter package for .99 plus rental every month for the HD DVR cable box. After the first 6 months the pricing would revert back to .99 a month plus rental. Over the phone they offered me a similar deal to the one I had seen on the website, except they offered to throw in the HD DVR box for 1/2 price.

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