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Whether you are a member of SPS, just visiting, or joining us for training camps, you will see that Speed Power Strength is weightlifting.

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We take a different approach to the traditional model of Cross Fit training, where everyone follows the same program and each class couples strength and conditioning together.

While effective for many, we feel this model doesn't allow for each person to make the progress they are capable of.

Our partnership with Eleiko makes this immediately visible when you enter the doors of Speed Power Strength.

At SPS, we strive for an experience that will match the Eleiko standard.

Everything was built to give athletes all the tools they need to succeed.

It also serves as a center for visiting athletes to lift in a professional training hall.All equipment is the same Eleiko quality that you see at International Powerlifting Federation meets.SPS also has chains and bands for your training preferences.Our powerlifting area is equipped with three power racks and convertible bench/squat racks, so you can workout without interruption.Our powerlifting bars are built to handle the weights you lift and the chromed weight discs mean you won’t have to worry about running out of space on your bar.With the rise of functional fitness and competitive fitness, Eleiko has expanded their product line, bringing their same focus on design and quality to rigs, kettlebells, jump ropes, and other popular pieces of equipment.


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