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World War II also gave women the chance to work as doctors for the men who would return injured.

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Becoming a nurse requires only a Bachelor’s Degree and certification.

Rarely do registered nurses seek a Doctorate or even attend medical school.

This number is still quite low considering that 43% of medical school graduates are female. Even television programs recognize the changing industry.

Medical and hospital-themed shows such as On the other end of the spectrum, many men are also challenging a perceived gender role.

In 1920 they fought for the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment allowing them the right to vote.

They also began to actively seek higher education and began achieving the same careers as men.

If you’ve noticed my absence, it was from one of my frequent hospital stays.

It’s during these visits that I am reminded again and again how awesome the medical environment is for great CFNM experiences.

Women in hospitals were assumed to be receptionists or nurses. Females account for nearly one-quarter of physicians and the numbers are rising steadily.

Likewise, the nurse shortage is causing many more men to seek positions as registered nurses.

While more men are physicians, more women are nurses. In today’s job market it is difficult to find a career.

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