E dating what men want

Many people go their entire lives without experimenting in the bedroom.

Sex can be exponentially more fun if you are willing to broaden the horizons of your mind and explore a bit.

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Really what we should do is weigh personality much more strongly and appearance much less.

The best relationships are between romantic partners who are first and foremost best friends.

Try out various positions and locations (be careful not to get caught though! As crazy as it may sound to you – men actually like it when you objectify them in bed.

Women have an objection about objectification – men not so much! Seriously, try telling him how sexy he looks, call him your little bitch, tell him you can’t wait for him to have his way with you, change things up a bit!

This requires open communication and trust – a man should feel secure with you and know that you will not judge him for being sexual.

In a way, society makes us feel guilty for wanting to have sex – it uses derogatory terms like naughty, debauched, slutty, perverted etc.

to describe people with a ravenous sexual appetite.

Religion and moral codes have brainwashed people for centuries and told them that sex is unholy.

In fact, they have made it look like a duty that people must perform in order to have children and please God.


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