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Meanwhile, at the party, Mabel meets Grenda and Candy Chiu, who she befriends quickly.

Soos (serving as the DJ for the party) makes a competition that whoever parties the hardest will win a crown.

He says the last step is to ask her to dance with him.

Dipper daydreams that he and Wendy will dance on a classy dance floor with Soos in the background playing a trombone.

At the party, (by scaring and bribing the other guests), Pacifica wins the crown, then Mabel apologizes to her new friends that she didn't win and says she understands if they would rather go with Pacifica and the rest of the party to Pacifica's boat.

Despite the situation, they accept her, plan to have a sleepover and they dance more, even though everybody else left.

Dipper then tears up the list and goes to dance with the crew in the Mystery Shack.

Upon Dipper's arrival in the Mystery Shack, Mabel yells for Dipper to come meet her friends.

Meanwhile, Mabel stands up for her two new friends and fights for the Party Queen title in their honor, instead of having the popular girl and her group win.

This episode begins with Stan, Soos, and Wendy setting up for a party at the Mystery Shack (as a means of raking in money).

Dipper eventually melts them all, except for Tyrone.

They both see Wendy with Robbie, stop fighting, realize they ruined it and went up to the roof to have a soda.

As everything is prepared, Dipper runs into Wendy waiting for the bathroom and talk like "normal people" where they reveal some secrets such as Wendy looking like a dork and Dipper's birthmark.

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