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-«rat-deli_t--for Paris from New York the next day. Other items besides _oos on the Kennedy-De Oaulle- n«endn- were expected to be the French partici- pation in North Atlantic Treaty organ Ira Uon oc Uvitieo and French desire to continue .nuclear tcs Ung, According to Informed sources, -t Cn Uas^ n P«i» I, - (.'*)■ «n- 1,000 People Turn Out for Sunrise Rites — A-croud -ot- about -1,000 -persona attended the annual Easter Sun- rlse _Bunrlav mnrnlnr nt NEWS BULLETINS LEOPOLDVILLE, the Congo, April 3 WV-ln the rote of mediator. April 3 117) Tho s Tipreme court agreed today to review the convictions or iwo labor union figures— Dave Beck, once- powcrfui former boss or tlie Teim- Mers, and Maurice A, Kutcheson, president of the Carpenters unioji. April 3 im-Artleles ofj incorpora Uon filed with the secre- tory of state today Included Tain Falls Farm and City Distributing.

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Minidoka, County Deputy Sheriff Howard' Piatt reported.

Ut»g „ »11 of those who PW^rti for a peanut bu tw*** know, but at least cw »5 p menls don't tell two every -day. , ^i d Ch" rch Is Scene )M — ^^^^^^^^^^^ TIMES-NEWS, TWIN FALLS, IDAHO ; of Rite Bread Making Is Demonstrated at Declo Club Meet Marjone v extension atcd bread DECLO.

Department Spokesman ' Lincoln White said the vessel made a land fall approach to gat her bearing tour lo five miles off Baracoa. White uid the destroyer care, fully stayed outside Cuba's three, mile, limit. Hording, home Tor the Easter recess, sold he resents Ulah Power and Ughl company opposition to Uie Bums Creek project, which tau__avejlubbrt.ajjure_cleotric .« it Ban H-Bomb Rally Staged By Marchers LONDON, April 3 (Uft — Tens of thousands of ban-the-bomb marchers today staged a monster rock W roll rally ln rain-swept Trafalgar square to protest Brit- ish nuclear arms. In- cluding some on horseback, guided the damp marchers, Into the jam- med square at the pif Vq f lp--M-, milt, thris^wsy- ^p Totwv- rrt^dea - from A ! The marchers Included beatniks, communists, Quakers, Scottish na Uonilli U. Church ot England youth groups and other organization* and, repre- sentatives from an na Uons in- cluding Ihe united Statu. Now, as reoulti or the 1M0 cen- sus roll In, the bureau nays the women's margin Is lncreasine. CI ling other Industrial develop- ments near Twin Falls, Orange said that actual conn true lion on the Armour packing plant Is eac- pected to get under way during the' early part of April. On Saturday, reports In Havana told the government hud broken up ». Tho Barter week-end ended without extraordlnory Inciuenw 111 Havana.

Meanwhile, ln Cuba today Cuban army units controlled most of the Islands njtvor Installations to-pre- venl further uprising by naval per- lonntl opposed lo lhe pro-commu- nist policies ot the Contro regime. —Sh ft-jctt-Bunda y-cvr-nlng In re- turn to school at Utah Slate uni- rsltr. JERUSALEM, Israel, April 3 «TB— Adolf Elchmann has been brought from hit secret prison to atand trial tomorrow on chargea of alaoi_- ter_j ml Ulau of Java, Informed sourec* said tonight. Harding sold UPL has higher rates for Idshoais than, those In Utah and higher than the largest private power" facility ln Oregon tad Washington. Buhl, a farmer- pilot, reported reaeedlng opera- tions In the area, were blot tint out the- original trail In some coses. derm u ton, home of Brit- ain's nuclear weapons, and Weth- ersriald, - alle ■ or * -UA- air -lore*— NATO base. He added final negotiation* are Vi"a_completccl_on_prc^_ty_Ior-_ the- department of agriculture water and soil testing facllltlet to be located northeast of Klro- berty. counter- revolutionary move- ment by 300 naval personnel, it the fourth reported mutiny by Weather, Temperatures By The Annotated Prc M FIVE-DAY PORCAST Tint OUOH SATURDAY: Temperolures will average near aeasonol normole. In the provinces, thou- Minds of faithful mode their tradi- tional pilgrimage from El Cano tn Arroyo Arena carrying a planter image of Miry Magdalene, al. slatct that property owners or oc — — _) cupanta must — cut — and _r eraovi NEW YORK,' April J m — The hliheit temperature reported Id the weeds. He encouraged all resident* to Parking Bond Posted "chip In and do a good Job" ot ■ a II overtime parking bond was cleaning up unsightly areas.

The demand wna delivered to the Swiss government, which represents U. The ahlp had been repairing the Barbados-Miami cable and had put Into Mnya«urx, Puerto Rico, lor fuel and stores. D„ Ida., said this week-end he is confident Uie bill au Uiorlring the Bums Creek rec- lamation project In eaartem Idaho will pass If It ever ge~ to the house floor. forest with headquarters In Twin Falls, wu contacted to find out who was In charge of the range reaeedlng pro- gram. BLM district manager, who ln turn 'In- formed the society head that the In question was under the Jurisdiction of the Boise office. "Ban, ban, ban the bloody H- bomb (three times) "If y mi w snt tn st«y mll ir n w*yt yearl - -Somewhere In the States they've button painted red, If anybody alts on It well all of us be dead , ." They chanted: "One, two, three, four, we don't ant nuclear war. Area 'Several sizable new industrial plants are In Uie rinal stages or plannlnr conslruc Uon near Twin Falls and official announcement of the sites for at least two major Industrial operations should be forthcoming ln the near future,' atnles William Orange, secretary- manager or the Twin Falls Cham- ;r of Commerce. We do need the financial and moral support of Twin Falls busi- ness persons as we still have a way to go for enough money," G range ' coram cnted.

way from Puerto Rico to Key West when It was intercepted. But II apparently was able to send message about Its p Ughl before shutting off lhe radio bcacuse the American destroyer and planes ar- rived on the scene. Dut, he raid, public power com- panies are fighting hard to keep Uie au Uiorliallon lost In a house committee. Bevy had been helpful to life society in past projects. In a letter to Fallon, Kelker ex- pressed the concern of the society (C«i U.m4 r«n i. "Five, six, seven, eight, baa the bomb— negotiate." Philosopher Earl (Bert rand) Russell, one of the chief organ lie rs of this fourth annual Easter anti- nuclear rally, stood ln the nquare tapping a toe to a Jan band's brassy "When the Saints Oo Marching In." Woman World? SJfe Gaining WASHINGTON, April 3 WS-A decade ago the census bureau first' reported that women outnumbered en In the United States. the census bureau re- ported 100 women for every 09 Preliminary data from the IBM canvass show 100 women for every 87 men— 41 million females and SS3 million males. He noted that more contribu- tions to the industrial fund have brought the amount In the fund to 1U.130.43. He noted that many checks, sev- eral for sizable amounts, are ln the process ol being drawn. Dill small navy post tt Ouonabo beach — were r ep o rted to have defected and escaped (board * coast guard craft yesterday. Citizens Are Asked to Clean up City Twin Falls News in Brief Informed sourcca Hid 00 sailors and officers fled bo Haiti aboard three PT bolt* .while others es- oped In smaller numbers aboard lesser craft when the government learned. Anti-gorrenment terrorists kept up tlielr relenltois bombings In Uie Cuban capital. near the government printing plants in 1 la van* last night. Apr|l 3— "Chrlsfs appearance to Mary Magdalene" ilus i Jieme ol Die Easier sermon preached by Uie Rev.

Henry Mc Lemore ROME, Italy— Pew people know 11, and fewer care, but this col- mn Is probably the last word hen It comes to keeping In touch with the rite and lall, economic- ally, ot the communist world. The economies of the communist countries go up i furiously than the, tides of the Bay of Funday.

The bis problems: How to find those planets, how to communicate with the forms of life on them — If they do ex Lit Ha hard tor the dieter to win. you ore fonder of cakes, aweets and choco lat e Uum » heavy smoker. If you do smoke, you probably go in more lof roods with a-hlch fnt eonle-« f It was Hey wood Broun who e lot faith: "Without a belief, a rr ss helple Jara Swliist th« dragons. Krl'rv Will n'ilend the special I'Ernlniiie srulon on j:r,u'cs nt the Hurley ex- tension

—Let stand a lower court ruling lhat the next phase of tlie seven, year legal bailie between the Koh. e cleanup -Resldenta should be proud ot their city." Derrick said, -but who 1 can feel real pride for a city with i 1 many lots overgrown with weeds and cluttered with, rubbish, un- sightly ditch banks or other areti whose looka deteriorate the ap- pearance of lhe clly." 1 "D*rrlek-ftdded-that-durl5R-th« ncxt'iwo weeks city employes will fcelp lhe sanitation department Pick up- .trash, leaves, urns, branches *nd other refuse collected from cleaning up yards and lo U. White mortuary, Brulcy's Floor Covering company, Chri s Jensen Construction com- pony TWeiter Bearings, Ihc„ M. King company, Culllgon Soft Water service, Twin Falls Feed and Ice, P and E Concrete and Riddle and Roth, certified public accountants.


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