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The program is free and you are certainly welcome to attend. Location in Safford is in the BLM conference room at 711 14th Avenue. There seems to be a revival of interest in wireless power transmission. This is the approach used in electric toothbrushes.

The bottom lines remain that most of Tesla was utter bullshit, and that severe issues are likely to forever remain with distance, efficiency, safety, and sensor comm. The coefficient of magnetic coupling in air is absurdly low, so distances of even a fraction of an inch will totally trash efficiency.

"Ten dollar horse and forty dollar saddle" comes to mind.

Many of the sites have been outrageously pothunted. Modern agriculture has also trashed the tops of many sites.

But they may lie pristinely buried, awaiting subsurface radar techniques for modern excavations.

The area is confusing to say the least, as pottery styles represented Hohokam, Salado, Anasazi, Mongollon, and Mimbres, among others.

Clearly complex trading routes went through the area. Both from the Gila River and riparian side canyons.

Thus, the payoff these days on both stock markets is about the same. Despite competent researchers, the Gila Valley has lacked an obvious champion.

Yet its population and influence apparently were among the highest in the American Southwest.

The amount of power transferred drops as the fourth or fifth power of distance beyond a very close in point. Power levels as high as 60 watts have recently been shown.

The coils have to be physically large and their orientation is critical. It is interesting to note that there was a well known but little used resonance phenomen.

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