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I know, it’s not deep, but just like people have certain preferences when it comes to the type of romantic partner they are looking for (and admit it, we all do), the same holds true for your job search. If you write it correctly, you don’t have to use a lot of words to say a lot.

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Perhaps the two of you have been to some of the same countries on your travels—share your memories and experiences—but leave out the part of the story where you found 3 drunken Swedish girls in your hostel bed.

And if you haven’t had much time to travel, you should talk about places you would like to travel, including which areas of the world most intrigue you.

Maybe mention “hierarchy” in some way and being an “executive.” You might even be able to work in the word “traditional.” The bottom line is there are ways to subtly clue the reader into your ideal work environment, thus establishing yourself as a match for positions at those type of places.

The same type of goal-setting can be applied to a job search.

Creates awesome spreadsheets.” (Yup, if that’s the wording you use in life, that might be the wording I would recommend you use on your resume, depending on the type of place where you want to work.

“Adept at solving complex problems and working in teams.Here are a few tips on how to compile your dating resume, what you should highlight and how this can help you improve your love life.If you were in a job interview, you would want to highlight past experiences that are relevant to the position you are interviewing for.Just like in your job resume, your dating resume should highlight the things that will improve your chances of being successful.With a career resume, your goal is to get the job you want; with your dating resume, you want to be able to get the girl you want.And avoid putting her on the spot by saying, “So, do you have any funny or interesting work stories? Ask her if she likes to play sports, but don’t start the conversation with “You’d be perfect if you liked hockey. ” That’s a bad way to ask about what she’s interested in because you’ve made it clear what kind of interests and hobbies you want her to be interested in.

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