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"The other one, I think her name is Carol, she's 15. I told them about her, a couple of them want to fuck her, okay? "Oh honey, you poor baby, you have a hardon, poor baby".

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"Carol put this in your mouth, breath in and hold it and the blow it out, okay?

Tyrone handed Caroline a joint, she took a drag and sat on the couch between her daughters.

Her 2 angels came downstairs, Reverend Mike and Caroline couldn't believe how beautiful they looked. "These men need our help, we are church women, so it's our job to make them happy, okay?

She told them about the nice time they were going to have.

The Reverend Mike James came inside the house after taking the youngest daughter Laura over to a girlfriends house.

Her blond hair was hanging sexily over her shoulders at 5'10" she was a strikingly beautiful women.

He was looking forward to fucking both of them but he'd save the youngest for himself and what the fuck, this was to much money.

He might give Carol a 0 for her daughter's fucking his friends.

Young black teen boy changes preacher's wife#3 By: steviecom Tyrone answered his cell, it was Jake the huge black ex-con.

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