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Its network, or hierarchy, of agents serves as an outsourced sales and marketing function for life insurance carriers, allowing carriers to “variabalize” the cost of marketing and selling certain financial products.The Company’s unique advisor base makes in extremely valuable to carriers seeking a concentrated, highly responsive distribution partner.

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Almost all of our efforts in the upcoming weeks will be devoted to developing features for tables.

Once we provide tooling for tables, we will add support for Queues and Files next.

We will prioritize completing the standalone Storage Explorer application first; when we feel it addresses the most common scenarios for storage, we’ll look at integrating it with Cloud Explorer in Visual Studio.

We hope you enjoy the updates we’ve made for Linux, attaching storage, and modifying metadata.

Now, you can access additional blob properties by right-clicking on a specific blob and selecting the “Properties” option.

From this dialog, you can edit or delete existing metadata or add new values.

The Company also markets light-gauge steel trusses, primarily applied in light commercial buildings.

The Company was acquired by Illinois Tool Works (NYSE: ITW), a diversified industrial company engaged in the design and manufacture of engineered products and specialty systems.

This feature requires that the SAS key provides “List” permissions.

We’ve heard feedback that the ability to edit metadata is a significant feature.

We’ve been asked about the relationship between this standalone application and Visual Studio.

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