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there were 72 initial survivors (71 humans and 1 dog) spread across 3 sections (1 front, 49 middle and 22 tail).

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Putting forward a man with a violent streak as a potential partner shows either a remarkable lack of awareness about the issue of men's violence against women, or a cavalier disregard for the consequences of it. In casting Colman, Channel Ten also demonstrated a gross dismissal of the issue of men's violence against other men.

Think of the widespread trauma that's been caused by the kind of "one punch" attacks perpetrated by Colman against Cooper.

Earlier this year, Colman pleaded guilty to a vicious assault in Perth that left a man paralysed and unconscious in a pool of his own blood.

Tristan Cooper told the Sunday Times that Colman attacked him from behind, picking him up by his neck and throwing him into the side of a building.

NOTE: Though presumed killed in the flaming arrow attack several characters have not been seen since earlier seasons.

It is very hard to determine how many people were killed; however, executive producers commented that a lot of survivors died in the attack. It is assumed that the unseen characters overlap somehow with the unnamed characters.

Clementine Ford is currently married to Cyrus Wilcox.

She has been in three celebrity relationships averaging approximately 3.9 years each.

This last one might seem to have come out of left field, but it's undeniably true.

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