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They were really interested in seeing what new energy and spirit I could bring to the character.We took a big leap with age here, but my goodness, on soaps, they take so many leaps that age is the least of our worries! [about All My Children (1970)] My first few scenes were with Thorsten and he was right there in my face.I'm very much of a vocalist and I loved the idea of being in a very intense scene and all of a sudden starting to sing.[on who she considers to be her heroes] My parents are. Or someone like John Lennon because he believed so much in peace.[on playing football in school] I gave it up because in one game I was doing really well, but then I fell and hit my head and I wanted to stop, but they wouldn't let me. Here I am on a show [Profiler (1996)] that's about violence and serial killers, things that are truly destructive.

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Jamie Michelle Luner (born May 12, 1971) is an American actress who first came to prominence on the ABC sitcom Just the Ten of Us, but is perhaps better known for her role as Lexi Sterling on Melrose Place.

She also starred on television as Rachel Burke in the final season of Profiler.

In this case, the trust already was there so it made it a lot easier.

We were ahead of the game."It happens to be a good niche for me.

I realized just how many films that I have actually done that have portrayed women in jeopardy and needing to really escape.

I can't imagine the pain and suffering that is going on and so many women feeling so alone. I am so honored to be a part of this amazing event. [about All My Children (1970)] I didn't choose where people at ABC Daytime wanted to go with my character, Liza Colby.

The Perfect Marriage, Confessions of a Sorority Girl, Walking the Halls, Stalked at 17, Nuclear Hurricane, Moment of Truth: Why My Daughter?

, Friends & Lovers, Accidental Switch, Blind Injustice, The St.

There are days that I wake up and everything bothers me.

The kind of days when somebody talks to you and you're like Shut up!

I was just on a pitch meeting phone call, and they were trying to figure out how to recast the role of Liza and you called! And then the people in the pitch meeting were like, "Oh, my God! I met with Brian Frons [president of ABC Daytime and SOAPnet] and Chuck.


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