Cambodian girl dating

Also, it is one of the bitter facts, besides sharing the more or less the similar features as of Thai, Filipinos, Vietnamese girls, Cambodian girls still somehow are overlooked by the foreign men.That is perhaps, Cambodia has not been able to set itself as a tourist spot among these South East Asian countries yet. The Girls in Cambodia are very much interested in the finding a soulmate outside their country and most probably the Western guy.They usually stay virgin until they get married which is after the 20s.

Sometimes, there are foreign people and sometimes there are prostitutes who seek their benefit in fooling the people around.

Just be alert if someone tries gaining your sympathy and tries squeezing your pocket by luring you. I already shared a few online sites with you but you can search for more.

This element lacks in the western culture and therefore, it is very much unlikely that a white man can easily get along with a family set up.

Also limited or no knowledge of local language could be a big hurdle in order to mix up with the family even though you girl could communicate with you in English.

Also, do you know according to a national survey 25% of Cambodian women are the victim of domestic violence?

Marrying a western man means an escape for them from a life with domestic violence.

You can find several Cambodian girls looking for their International boyfriend on these sites.

This is a good start getting to know someone before you decide to go the place by yourself, especially if you don’t think Cambodia could serve as a great tourist spot.

So yes, Cambodian girls as with the rise of education and the exposure are understanding the situation and wish to stay away from a man who does not have a stunning look but still, he dominates her just because she is a woman. First, the Cambodian girls are very family oriented.


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