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There were two times — at least two times that I saw — where she got into an actual fistfight. With the hockey dads, they might swear and yell, but it is the ladies in my experience who can truly go off the deep end at games. Every parent thinks that their kid is perfect, and every parent thinks that their kid can do no wrong. But this mother, if anyone went near her kid, if anyone so much as touched him and knocked him down and got a penalty, she would get up and go stalking around the arena to the penalty box and start yelling at the kid for touching her son. You get thrown together with all these different people, and you have dinners with them, and you go away for weekends with them, and some are people you would never hang around with otherwise — were it not for hockey — and you wind up becoming besties.

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The best hotels will offer parents a suite for you to have the shenanigans in.

I haven’t quite figured out why other hotels haven’t figured this out sooner, otherwise people are just hanging out in the hall, annoying other people.

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The Dad ended up buying into another team and the kid went and played there.

And he was a really bright kid, a really nice kid, but his Dad would use his money (the father denies this) to buy his son a spot on these teams.Night Exchange is a safe and discreet chat service where you can feel secure knowing your fantasies are 100% private. We’re offering all first time purchasers a special deal! Canadian hockey parents will tell you that they do not hang over the glass, bark at their kids and harangue the coach, but there are enough whispered stories to dispense with any illusion that minor hockey is as wholesome as it is portrayed in those nostalgic coffee commercials.There is coffee at the rinks, but it is watered down and tastes terrible.But this year was the year I found I couldn’t physically go to the games. Luc is a pitcher in baseball and when things aren’t going well they take him out — and I don’t get anxious watching him pitch. I grew up around hockey in Alberta when the Edmonton Oilers were good, and I loved the game. They were these tiny little bells, and so I gave mine a few shakes and then put it away in my purse and forgot about it. Cheering goals and cheering saves — and cheering effort — and I found that the bell I had was too small for my hand. I held onto the smaller bell because it was a good distraction for my younger son at the games — he was just an infant when this started. I keep my bells in my battle bag — it’s basically a giant purse.

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