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Even if the "Generate automatic URL aliases" box is checked for those pages without a menu link, the page completely ignore any url alias patterns I have set up and the url always shows up as 'node/31' instead of 'my-content-page'.

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A basic familiarity with Drupal concepts and terminology will be useful.

If you start to feel lost, you may want to review the "Build Your First Drupal 7 Web Site" collection where we cover these.

I want it to take the url alias pattern I've set up for it. This can happen when you have tokens in your URL alias pattern that doesn't work for any reason.

I even installed the "Pathauto persistent state" module and forced the "Generate automatic URL aliases" to remain checked just in case, but my alias patters are still ignored. In your case it sounds like you have a pattern including a "menu item" token, so when you save your node without a menu item, the URL alias is not created.

Let's go ahead and jump to Pathauto of by using coffee. And if we type pathauto, we'll see the URL aliases link here and that's where we want to go.

We want to click on the bulk update tab and we'll check content ...

If we exit out of this and look at our review page, you'll see that the URL hasn't changed at all.

That's because when we changed the pattern in Pathauto, it only affects content that gets created from here on out, so we need to run a bulk update in order to change the paths of the content that we've created up until this point.

fetch Col(); // Save current action for new aliases and change it to delete old one.

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