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Teaching us how the mind works during decision making is Gladwell’s main goal. The book begins with the story of the Getty Museum in California and the fourteen month process involved in their purchase of a Greek kuoros.

The museum hired lawyers, geologists and researched the basics on what the style of a Greek kuoros would be.

It was a snap judgment, an instinct and something that cannot be explained. Gladwell’s chapter about Warren Harding explains how the former president rose up through the political ranks based solely on his appearance and the way he spoke.

He was not a terribly impressive man intellectually, but voters went with their first impression of him.

In this book Gladwell explores the many different ways that we make decisions using our adaptive unconscious.

He attempts to convince the reader that snap decisions can be just as good as ones we ponder upon.

He then explains the logic behind each story and relates it back to his original principle.

The narratives include the story of a fake Greek statue and the debate of it's authenticity, a retired U. general who defeated the best of the military with quick thinking, and a group of police officers who killed an innocent immigrant because of a tragic misunderstanding, among many others.

Another problem I found with Blink is in Gladwell's description of the incident where a fake statue is sold to the Getty museum.

He defends his gut-feeling theory through this first story in "Blink" by saying how several art experts instantly knew something was wrong with the statue while months of...

In this study Gottman videotaped couples engaging in a discussion about a contentious topic in their marriage.

There were multiple sensors monitoring the couple’s physical changes, such as heart rate and movement.

Have you ever had a “gut reaction” to something and then thought about it for a while and changed your mind?

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