Bind9 slave server not updating

Installation at first can be somewhat overwhelming; however once you understand some of the basics you can begin to get a clearer picture of how BIND and DNS servers in general work.

In this article I will cover some of the basics of BIND and give a brief description of how it works.

In essence if slave server one goes down temporarily for whatever reason (upgrading, power failure) slave server two will still be able to handle the traffic and take over the duties of name server one.

To check whether you have BIND installed you can start out by using rpm Next you will need to open the /etc/file and place the IP address of your master and slave DNS servers at the top.

It is used for replying to queries with the IP for any domain name queries as localhost.

This can be useful for certain applications running on the same server that need to access localhost.

options Next you will need to generate a RNDC key with a tool called rndc-confgen.

This key is used for encryption when communicating with an external name server.

controls ; include “/etc/rndc.key”; Depending on your version you will either have several zones inside your file or they will be included in a file called named.zones or named.rfc1912.zones.

These zones are used for specifying the root, master and slave locations.

rndc-confgen –a –c /etc/This creates a key file in the /etc folder which can be included into the /etc/file with the following lines.


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