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But on top of that most familiar of all narrative scaffoldings, a love story, Adichie builds an altogether different tale: one about all the ways we humans fail to love each other—and one that, in the end, isn’t familiar after all. You’re supposed to pretend that you don’t notice certain things.” That’s how a friend explains to the newly arrived Ifemelu the curious behavior of a cashier in a clothing store—who, in asking which of two salespeople helped her, attempts to distinguish between them on every imaginable basis except the obvious one: skin color.

Pretending not to notice certain things about America is exactly what Adichie refuses to do in this book.

Yet by the time we meet her in that salon, she has decided to trade all this for a one-way ticket back to Nigeria.

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On the contrary, she notices nearly everything, from how we socialize to what we eat to what we say.

(Endotic also refers to the inner ear, and Adichie has a keen one.

That outsider acuity is both the subject and the method of Americanah, a new novel by Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

It is her third, after the 2003 ­coming-of-age story Purple Hibiscus and the 2006 Half of a Yellow Sun, about life during the Biafran War.

I thought it was the best thing to do to survive, living out of my suitcase.

I’ve really been trying my best.” Last year, Sandra was seen charging fans £1 for pictures with her at British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park.

Eventually he is discovered and sent back to Nigeria, where he begins an ascent that culminates in a fancy house, a wife and daughter, and a distant, viscous, alienated boredom.

Meanwhile, in America, Ifemelu finds herself surviving through work so humiliating that she cuts off all communication with Obinze—and, effectively, with herself. She launches a blog about race in America, earns readers and speaking fees, buys a condo, and begins dating a handsome, conscientious Yale professor.

The two words she identifies as most distinctively American are trouper and blowhard.) Most of all, though, she notices how race works.

Some of those observations are recorded in Ifemelu’s blog, which includes posts on the phrase oppression olympics, for instance, and on dreadlocked white guys who dismiss racism as “totally overhyped.” But her more successful observations emerge through the interactions between characters.

She was due to star in pantomime in Maidenhead over the Christmas period, but had to pull out due to health reasons.


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